Alissa Salls

Daniel profoundly changed how I communicate with Genie. From the first few lessons, Genie responded to me quicker than before. Daniel made me grasp that unless I spend quality time with her everyday, the training I did with Genie wouldn’t stick.

Daniel basically changed my relationship with her by emphasising how crurcial it is to ‘be’ with her: playing, walking in the woods, and keeping each other in good company.

Kimberly Watson

I had other dog trainers before Daniel, but I won’t need any others now as what Daniel made me understand is not how to ‘command’ my dog to do anything, but to have a connection with him so that he responds to me.

I learned to be responsive to Jimbo’s needs, and after that, all the basics I was taught by the previous trainers before Daniel were finally consistently working.

Marvin McKinney

Your relationship with your dog is all about connection. A well-adjusted dog is a well-understood dog.

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