Does Basic Dog Training Ever End?

You may have completed an obedience class with your dog, but that doesn't mean your training is complete.

Why Do People Use a Stick to Tap on a Dog While Bite Training?

To understand the use of the stick, one must first understand the different schools of thought on the matter and how the dog views the helper. 

What Does Post Mean in Dog Training?

"Post" simply means a designated location or spot in the most basic sense. Find out how you can incorporate it into your training sessions.

Understanding Dog Food Ingredients

Being a responsible dog owner means knowing both what is safe for them to eat and also being able to decipher the sometimes confusing food labels.

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Dog

We want every dog owner out there to have a well-behaved, healthy pup. Let's go over all of the basics of dog care so that you can be fully prepared for your new addition.

How Do I Show My Puppy I Am the Alpha?

First of all, you do not need to show your puppy you are the alpha. You are your puppy's leader. By no means are you the 'alpha.'

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