Overall introduction and background on Daniel, your trainer. Why and how he got into dog training and how he can relate to exactly the problems you are facing with your pup. Owning a dog within a family or multi person household and setting up your relationship with your dog for success.

What is the right dog for you? Does it match your energy? What kind of breeder should you be searching for? What is your household format? How to deal with creatures of habit, and what that means for your training approach? Creating a framework for existence within the right context, leading to a better balanced relationship with your dog.

What are the most common tools, toys, items you find in pet stores. What training tools I like to use from day 1 with puppies all the way through adulthood and why? Safety of the toys, tools and devices we use in dog training and play time.

The correct way to apply a prong collar so it doesn't fail. The usage of a prong collar and the advantages of this device over other types of collars and the immediate feedback you can get from your dog.

How to develop focus in puppies and/or adult dogs. Why focus training is the foundation for almost all types of training and necessary to establish a great vehicle for communication between you and your puppy. The triangle method and why it drives your dog into laser eyed focus.

The correct way of driving a dog to want to come back to you. How to set your dog up for success in the recall. Speed and motivation vs slow and lazy recalls. Using food rewards and other rewards to inspire.

Using ergonomics and your body language to correctly have your dog sit. Why the dog should react on the first command and how to get a reliable sit with focus.

Why the down and down stay are so important. How to get duration and distance by practicing the method I use. Patience in gaining a reliable down that can save your dog's life.

How to use old school and new school methods of walking a dog correctly on a leash. Using your energy, leash corrections, the prong collar and motivation all at the same time. How to avoid losing control of your dog and losing her focus during the heel. Luring vs compulsion.

How to teach the stay and how to get a reliable long lasting stay. How this command can save your dog's life but also make your every day living with her much more comfortable for you and your family.

Why food is the most primal element we overlook in dog training and overall coexistence with our dogs. Food can be leveraged as a powerful tool and thus be a major game changer in how our dogs respect us, live with us and listen to us.

Everybody faces issues with their dog's obedience. The most common themes addressed around dog aggression, crazy behaviors in the house and food aggression. The most common reasons and how to start to address them. Specialized cases and when to seek in person help.

Movie dogs, TV dogs and how amazing they are!

What high level precision obedience looks like in the sporting world. A glimpse into what certain working breeds can achieve in protection work and obedience.

Cecilia explains how she built a much stronger bond based on trust and collaboration through training.

Lucie and her amazing relationship with Bouncer.

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